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Canadian supplier of suede and glazed tanned fish leather skins for custom manufacturing.

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Sea Leather Wear began marketing fish leather in 2005, in association with Mermaid Leather International Ltd. Mermaid Leather was a division of a publicly traded Calgary based company, operated by Lionel Conn. Lionel mentored the development of the website for marketing a large stock of this leather. Sadly, Lionel passed away in the spring of 2021. He was the risk-taker who funded the development of a method for removing the scales and the odor from fish, during tanning.

The fish leather tanning process retains the natural scale patterns of the fish. The leather is offered in a soft suede or a firm glazed finish, in a variety of colors.

This remarkable quality leather is resilient and strong. The leather has been used for making all sorts of apparel and accessories. Additional uses have been for jewelry, for bookbinding and costumes, for fiber art, as trim, and as a craft material. The leather offers a unique texture, a distinctive scale pattern and a competitive price to most reptile and exotic skins available in the market.

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We offer these categories of products:

Swatch PacketsSampler PackagesStocklots
Swatch Packets Sampler Packages Stocklots
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Factory Seconds End Use Products Odds and Ends
Fish Leather Crust
Dried Undyed Crust

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