Fish Leather

Serving designers with Canadian suede and glazed tanned fish leather skins for custom production / manufacturing.

Sea Leather Wear began in association with Mermaid Leather International, a Calgary company that had developed the technology to tan fish, removing the scales and odor during the process.

We have been operating since 2005, marketing this unique and exotic leather, which is offered in soft suede and firm glazed finishes. The fish leather tanning process has retained the natural scale patterns of the fish. The glazed leather is scratch and stain resistant, water repellent and never needs polishing. The types of fish that we are offering are from non-endangered species.

  • Would you like to consider a different type of exotic leather?
  • Are you looking for a unique material, to differentiate your products?
  • Would you like to have uniquely textured patterns when creating your luxury items?
  • Are you interested in a special fabric or trim, that you may not have seen or worked with previously?

We will work with you, if you have these requirements or interests. Your apparel or accessory product designs can be made unique. We will help you to realize whatever you want to create. There are endless possibilities, and we have the confidence that we can help you to achieve your creative goals, turning your concepts into reality.

We have thousands of skins in stock, from which to offer you many selection options. Our color range, textures and variety of scale patterns will inspire you to create your best pieces ever!

Suede fish leather stocklot color varieties
Suede fish leather stocklot color varieties

We are showing some footwear and other apparel ideas, and some handbag and other leather goods accessory ideas. We also have some designer tips, and pictures of customers creations.

This remarkable quality leather is resilient and strong. The leather has been used for making all sorts of apparel and accessories. Additional uses have been for jewelry, for bookbinding and costumes, for fiber art, as trim, and as leathercraft. The leather offers a unique texture, a distinctive scale pattern and a competitive price to most reptile and exotic skins available in the global marketplace.

Glazed Fish Leather Stocklot Color Varieties

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We offer these categories of products:

Swatch PacketsSampler PackagesStocklots
Fish Leather Swatch PacketsFish Leather Sampler PackagesFish Leather Stocklots
Large SkinsFactory SecondsEnd Use Products
Large SkinsFactory SecondsEnd Use Products
Skin Odds and EndsFish Leather Crust
Odds and EndsDried Undyed Crust

Here is a product breakdown with sub-categories: