Our Leathers

  • None of our leathers or leather products involve endangered species.
  • The distinctive scale pattern of the fish makes every item unique.
  • Our leather can be used and has been used to manufacture many products that traditional leathers have been used for.
  • The leather is environmentally friendly. The lime, lye and acids that are usually used to remove hair from skins are not needed for removing of fish scales. As a result, there was less atmospheric pollution.
  • Fishskins from canneries that would otherwise have been thrown back into the water bodies were re-used. This reduced water pollution.
  • Drum-dying was applied, not top-dying, so the color is more likely to last.
  • A wide variety of fish were originally being tanned. The current offerings are carp, perch, salmon and sea bass.
Fish Leather Truffle BoxesGlazed Carp Leather Perfume Holders