Developing Your Fish Leather Brand
We are now offering sample skins in packages of 5.
Genuine Fish Leather Skins Made in Canada
We will include a selection of over 40 glazed and suede swatches with a first time $100 skins order.
If you are an interested organization or tannery, we would like to discuss transferring our technology.
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Developing Your Fish Leather Brand Developing Your Fish Leather Brand
Since Sea Leather Wear started, the company has been about marketing genuine fish leather skins for custom use.

Some time ago, we had a brand name being used for the belts that we had produced, which was "Cabezon". The brand name was used so that people who had an aversion to the idea of wearing a fish leather belt, could be proud of wearing a "Cabezon" belt. We carry a stock of these, previously produced, which are being marketed on this website. We have no plans for future production runs of these items. If you have an interest in purchasing our technology, we can discuss this with you.

In choosing to use our fish leather, you are free to make whatever products, apparel or accessories that you wish, and you can of course create your own brand name, if you wish.

Whether you brand it or not, the characteristics of our leathers remain the same:
  • The unique pattern of the fish skin is shown when the scale is removed, leaving an empty scale pocket. Like your finger print, each skin is unique to itself, therefore no two products will be identical.
  • The leather is extremely durable and has all oils removed, leaving it only with a luxurious leather aroma.
  • The products are environmentally friendly, because animal hair did not have to be removed during the tanning process, so limes and acids were not used in the process.
  • The fishskins which would otherwise have been disposed of by the canneries were not wasted, and were not subsequently discarded back to our fresh water resources or to the landfill.
  • Using non-endangered species of fish helps to stop the use of endangered species for consumer leather goods.
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