Carp and Perch

Carp and perch are our main offerings in fish leather. There are shape differences between these fish, and differences in the size of the scale pockets. Our carp skins are usually in a range between 2 inches by 14 inches, for smaller fish, to 5 inches by 20 inches for larger fish, at the widest and longest. Our perch skins are usually in a range between 6 to 8 inches wide, and 18 to 20 inches long, with smaller scale pockets. Our suede carp skins are similar to our suede perch skins, in feel and texture. Our glazed carp and perch skins also have a similar feel and texture. We carry a greater in stock supply of carp skins.

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Perch Skins

Perch and Carp Skins

Perch and Carp Skins Closeup

Large Perch Skins (purple, abalone blue, beige, dusty rose)

Large Perch Skins (light brown, fuchsia, grey, black)