Canada was a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming in 1997, which bound member nations to reduce carbon emissions to 5% below the 1990 levels by 2012. As a consequence, most tanneries in Canada were forced to close. Among these, in 2004, was the tannery that we had been using in Eastern Canada to manufacture our fish leather. As a result, we have a stock of between 200,000 - 300,000 fish skins that we are offering for sale. These skins had been selling at prices up to $14.95 per skin. We are offering these at a fraction of this price.

Most of our stocklots are carp, except when specified as perch, salmon or mixtures. By colors, we are offering 3 kinds of stocklots:

- Colors variety stocklots: If you have color preferences, we will try to accommodate them. Or, if you do not specify preferences, in the case of carp, we will fill the quantity in around 15 to 20 color varieties (5 - 10 color varieties for the suede perch, or suede salmon).
- Color group stocklots: We will fill the quantity with 1 or more variations for the color, currently in blue, red, green, brown or light colors.
- Specific Color Stocklots: We will fill the quantity in a specific color.

Click on any of the subcategory links below to see item details. If your required quantities or color mix is different from our stocklot offers, please contact us for individual skin pricing.

Assorted ColorsAssorted Colors
Carp, Perch & SalmonCarp, Perch & Salmon
By Color GroupBy Color Group
By Specific ColorsBy Specific Colors