Accessory Ideas

Our fish leather has been used to make all the products shown below. We don't actually manufacture these products. We provide the skins for manufacturing them. Click on the picture for a larger view.
Some of these accessories are now offered for purchase on the Handbags and Wallets page.

Binders, Attaches

Fishskin Leather Organizer Fishskin Red Leather Briefcase Fishskin Blue Leather Briefcase

Purses, Handbags

Fashion Leather Purse Ladies Purse Ladies Fishskin Leather Purses Ladies Fishskin Leather Purses Fish Leather Matching Purse and Belt Fish Leather Matching Shoes and Handbag Coin Leather Purse Fishskin Leather Purse Leather Purses made entirely with fishskin Purses with fish leather trim Purse in a silk finish Purse with mermaid green suede trim Purse with fish emblems in fish leather  View more handbags ...

Watches, Wallets

Wrist Watchbands Fishskin Wallets Wallet with glazed sea urchin trim in high grain finish Wallet in glazed blue lagoon

Headbands, Hair Brooch, Eyeglasses Case

Fishskin Leather Headband Hair Brooch in swirly foil fish leather Fishskin Leather Eyeglasses Case

Key chains and Key fobs

Fish Leather Keychain Cases Fish Leather Wallet and Key Rings Fishskin Leather Key Chains and Fobs

Buttons and Belt Buckles

Assorted Fishskin Buttons Suede Fish Leather Belt Buckles in various sizes


Fish Leather Earrings