Apparel Ideas

Our fish leather has been used to make all the products shown below. We don't actually manufacture these products. We provide the skins for manufacturing them. Click on the picture for a larger view.


Fishskin Leather Boots Fish Leather Boot in Glazed and Suede Finish Fishskin Leather Winter Boots

Shoes and Sandals

Fish Leather Ladies Shoes Fish Leather Sandals Fish Leather Mens Shoes Some Fish Leather Mens and Ladies Shoe Styles More Ladies Shoe Styles - 1 More Ladies Shoe Styles - 2

Jackets and Sweaters

Fishskin Leather Jacket Fishskin Leather Jacket Fishskin Leather Sweater Fishskin Leather Coat Sweatshirt with Fishskin Trimmings


Fish Leather Fashions Ladies one piece outfit with fish leather trimmings


Fishskin Leather Tie Fishskin Leather Tie