Attention: Tanneries

As a tannery operator, would you like to consider:

- that the cost of sourcing fish skins, when compared to the costs for cow, goat or sheep skins, is insignificant?
- that the scale patterns of fish are beautiful and truly unique, not to be found in the skin patterns of animals?
- that some cultures that are prohibited from wearing cow leather, will find fish leather to be a great alternative?
- that removing the scales and odor from fish is more environmentally friendly and less polluting than removing the hair from animals?
- that your tannery may be adaptable for fish leather production with only minor equipment changes?
- that the technology for making this leather has been proven, is on the market, and could be yours?

If your answer to any of the above is "yes", you are invited to receive a free package of dried undyed crust for the cost of shipping only. We'll include a few fully finished skins also.
If you are ready to discuss purchasing our technology, contact us.