Suede Fish Skin Leather Colors We are a Canadian company and the agent of a fish leather manufacturer, carefully selecting, processing and transforming a variety of fish skins into a unique and exotic leather. This leather can be dyed in a variety of colours, and is available in suede and glazed finishes. The glazed leather is scratch and stain resistant, water repellent and never needs polishing. These revolutionary exotic leather skins offer a unique texture, and a distinctive scale pattern.

Our fish leather is processed from the finest quality skins of non-endangered fish species including carp, pacific salmon, bass, sturgeon, shark, catfish, salmon and Nile perch. The fish skin leather has been under development for over 20 years. The tanning process ensures odorless products and prevents stiffness. Fishskins are less of a pollutant than other leathers because only the scales need to be taken off.

The canneries normally take skins and dump them in the oceans where they otherwise become another pollutant. We buy the skins from the canneries.

We offer suede or glaze finished fish skins, in a variety of drum dyed colors, for custom manufacturing. We have included on this site samples of fish skin leather apparel and also fish skin leather accessories to show the versatility of our leather. More end-products are shown on the customer creations page.

An introductory video is at the bottom of this page, and the website also has a video on the colors.

We are offering mens and womens belts, golf gloves , and watch bands that have been manufactured using our fish leather.

Samplers are our method of introducing our leather to you. We offer stocklots, by texture, color selection, or species, which are discounted from our regular skin pricing, and have a section of odds and ends, which are for limited quantity color packages. We also offer visitors interested in slightly irregular skins more information on our factory seconds page. We have additional information, if you are interested in our technology.

Glazed Fish Skin Leather Colors This remarkable quality leather is resilient and strong, and the end manufactured products are a source of pride and prestige for both product manufacturers and owners. It has also been used effectively as a craft material. The leather offers unique texture, a distinctive scale pattern and a competitive price to most reptile skins available in the market.

We will be interviewing designers from time to time and you can read the interview on the featured designer page.The website has a printable catalog (best viewed in desktop mode).

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