Fish Leather Belts

Our fish leather belts are in a few different styles and a number of color options. Most of the men’s belts have a width of 3 cm. The women’s have a width of 2 cm. The belts are mostly from carp leather and some from perch leather, distinguished by its smaller scale pockets. The  fish leather belts have an underpadding of pig skin or cow skin. They have an imprinting of Mermaid Leather as well as a size marking. Some are pre-cut to a different size. When ordering, you may see a different size marking on the belt than the actual size. You can order the largest of the available sizes and cut the strap to your own measurement, as shown in the video. There are 4 belts offered here, with a description of Wide, which have replaceable buckles but are not amenable to shortening.

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