What’s New

What’s New features periodic discounts or bonuses, on skin packages or purchase quantities.

Our factory seconds skins may have blemishes, folds, tears, or color inconsistencies.  If you do not need a full skin area, and are looking to make smaller items, these make a great choice! Earrings, bracelets, and button covers are a few applications.

Carp leather button covers

The factory seconds can also be cut and used for trim.

Suede carp factory seconds skins
Suede salmon factory seconds skins

Until August 15, 2022, we will include a 30% skins bonus on any purchase of factory seconds skins. The bonus is of the same type and colors as selected, or similar. No coupon code is required.

Free North American shipping is included on a minimum $100 purchase. For shipping outside of North America, a comparable shipping credit will automatically be applied, to your choice of Canada Post shipping options, on a minimum $100 purchase.