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We are now offering sample skins in packages of 5.
Genuine Fish Leather Skins Made in Canada
We will include a selection of over 40 glazed and suede swatches with a first time $100 skins order.
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Spam and Solicitations Spam and Solicitations
Since the launch of in 2005, we have been getting increasingly inundated by spam.

We receive the whole spectrum of these - stock promotions, pharmaceuticals, software, beneficiaries or relatives of deposed or deceased tyrants in you-name-the-country, invitations to become "collection agents" and so on.

We use spam filters. These help a great deal but may occasionally result in a legitimate email being overlooked. To assist in our recognizing legitimate emails, please consider appending to the subject line of your email, "Re: fish leather", or using the contact us form.

We have received many solicitations from companies in the leather industry, wishing to interest us in being the manufacturer of our golf gloves, or wanting us to become distributors, importers, retailers, or purchasers of their consumer leather products. We have no interest in these solicitations.

Please note also, that we are not sellers of canned, dried or fresh fish.

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