Types of Fish

Types of fish that we offer are carp, perch, salmon and sea bass.


The carp originate from Spirit River, Iowa. Carp represent the greater amount of stock. Standard carp skins usually have a length of 17 – 20 inches and are up to 4 – 5 inches wide.

Type of fish - carp
Suede and Glazed Carp Sample Skins


The perch are Nile perch, coming from Lake Victoria, Africa. Perch scale pockets are smaller than carp. The standard lengths are around 18 – 20 inches, and widths are 6 – 8 inches.

Type of fish - perch
Suede Nile Perch Leather Skins


The salmon are Pacific salmon. These have the smallest scale pockets among our types. Lengths are usually 20 – 25 inches and widths are usually up to 4 inches.

Type of fish - salmon
Suede Salmon Leather Skins

Sea Bass

The Sea Bass are Atlantic skins. The scale pocket shape is square-ish. They are the thickest among our types of fish. Lengths are 22 – 27 inches and widths are 3 – 5 inches.

Type of fish - sea bass
Suede Sea Bass Leather Skin